Zagnif Nori - Ferrum [EP]

Noble Scity

Features:  King Author, All Ciddy, Crucial The Guillotine, Kaotny, Illy Vas, P Genz, Bronze Nazareth, Phillie, Illah Dayz, Kevlaar 7, Danamic, Tragedy Khadafi

Production:  Crucial The Guillotine, Illy Vas, 10

Fresh off the release of "The Meridian Gem" in April 2013, Noble Scity collective member Zagnif returns with his best work yet, "Ferrum" the new EP. In this 7 track project Zagnif connects with the best including Illah Dayz, P genz, Tragedy Khadafi, Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7 and more.