Bekay - Thug Music


"After many setbacks from hurricane Sandy, to countless losses in Bekay's personal life, he relentlessly gears up for his long awaited album release "Survivorman". Quoting the Brooklyn emcee him self. "I've been through hell the last 3-4 years, the kind of sh*t I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, but nothing is gonna stop me from reminding people the quality of emcee I am with an LP that will rival my last album Hunger Pains as the best work I've ever done, I define Hungry, and the true hip hop sound of the gutter, the struggle, and people who don't have a f*king pot to pis in". Bekay reminds us why he is known as that dude who absolutely goes there, releasing an X rated verbal onslaught over Alchemist classic production in "Thug Music" with lines that aren't for the weak of heart, such as "I'm a crook a prick, look I'm sick, like hooker spit, be an emcee? read a book you dick". It is safe to say he isn't playing games this time around and the voice of the Brooklyn streets will be heard."