Brandyn Burnette - 1000 Degrees Of Separation (Demo)

- the action or state of moving or being moved apart
- the division of something into constituent or distinct elements

In some way everyone has been overcome with a sense of separation. The feeling comes in many different forms and can hit quite unexpectedly. Whether in the from of family/relationships/distinguishing yourself from others, all can be hard, brutal, and can take a toll on your emotional state, but in the long run can be rewarding. 
For Brandyn Burnette, all of the above circled around the 24 year old's halo and began to boil. Brandyn then harnessed the pure energy of separation and the feeling of "something has got to give" to form "1000 Degrees Of Separation".
With the urge to create something, the singer went to a local Starbucks for nearly 4 hours to self produce and write lyrics to his latest demo. Being the first track that Brandyn has created himself since losing his laptop at a recent show, "1000 Degrees Of Separation" not only conveys the above mentioned topic, but also represents the change and evolution Burnette has been going through on a daily basis.