Cashus King ft Christina Cardella - Victimized (prod PsyClones)

Victimized feat. Christina Cardella (prod. by the PsyClones)

During a time of great tragedy, the homie Cashus King delivers some powerful work as he is accompanied by the soothing vocals of singer Christina Cardella.

"VICTIMIZED isn't a broad condemnation of all police officers. It's just as much about good cops as it is bad cops. VICTIMIZED is not a statement solely about police violence, it also speaks to the victimization we inflict upon ourselves as blacks and minorities in America. It's about a system of institutionalized racism and it's effects on the mental states of those being oppressed and those doing the oppressing. I don't want people to get the impression that my entire catalogue is built on addressing controversy, because my message is a lot more nuanced and diverse than that. My aim is to touch all people regardless of race, religion, occupation, sexual orientation, or gender. I'm addressing the issues directly because I feel my message is needed, especially in a time when the "conscious" emcee is an endangered species."