Sadistik x Kno ft. JMSN - Daydreams

With the collaborative EP, Phantom Limbs, releasing in 8 days, the Seattle rapper, Sadistik, and CunninLynguists producer, Kno, release another track featuring JMSN. The dreamy track fits perfectly into the theme of the previous "To Be In Love". Phantom Limbs is truly something to watch out for and could possibly be shaping up to be one of the best projects of the year.

Verse 1:

Nightmares & dreamscapes
Sylvia invented that word, she's my dream date,
she'd leave me keepsakes,
& asked me if I'd keep her safe, I found a way,
Now I'm out of place, high without a trace,
I'm in outer space, a downward spiral state
... a sequoia in a flower vase,
Roots reaching like a mile away,
Either way, I don't wait,
Lie Awake, eyes are weights,
Visions of a smiling face,
Imprinted on a prism with his dying traits,
I'll close my eyes I can fly today,
So high I can stay, away from everybody,
Away from all the mirrors, safe from any judgement,
They don't want me here, maybe heaven loves me,
The night-terrors make me daydream,
And lately it's the same thing.

Verse 2:

I don't need my head, the body it's connected with,
The world that surrounds or the god that neglected it,
credulence that I lost with my temperament,
Tempers get flared when they're impaired,
In pairs when I exited an exodus
From excellence deafened by the deficit,
I care but it's effortless
I get electric in my chair when it's mentioned like when Edison killed that elephant,
Yea, Evil Eve got me to eat a apple core
I tried to drown my sorrows but they swam to shore,
I feel so fragile for a second when I astral soar,
Above The Matterhorn & Capricorn,
I walk the line like a matador,
On borrowed time that I can't afford,
that's a category type that I can't ignore,
The night-terrors make me daydream,
And lately it's the same thing