Sadistik x Kno - Phantom Limbs [EP] + Review

For a couple of weeks, Sadistik and producer Kno [CunninLynguists] have been dropping tracks + videos leading up to what can only be described as one of the best EPs this year. Phantom Limbs is a 7 track project coming complete with past singles, "To Be In Love" + "Daydreams" with features from JMSN, Sheisty Christ, Metasota, and Chino XL.

"The Darkness"
Everything is pretty in the absence of light and with "The Darkness", I never want to leave. Plants are dying, no survivors are to be found, and the darkness and gloom are infecting Sadistik's heart, yet, he is still able to find peace while exposing everything that's hidden from the sun. With Kno mixing in background vocals coming in the form of a choir, Sadistik and Kno create a dope intro to Phantom Limbs
"To Be In Love"
I listen to the dissonance but all I hear is static; all I see is technicolor, everything is plastic.
Expressing what it feels like "To Be In Love", Sadistik shares his emotions and what he is going through. True love is feast or famine but even love can't hide in the dark; once felt, the addictions are too strong to resist and won't leave your mind.

"Hers Forever"
Reminiscing about "her" Sadistik and Kno combine verses to tell the story of always being "Hers Forever". Rummaging through old letters, the only words that pop on the page are that exact quote. What some could consider a part II of the love story and the aftermath of "To Be In Love", "Hers Forever" contains more lyrical wordplay and continues to ooze greatness in the form of morbid love.
"Phantom Limbs" (Interlude)
A phantom limb is the sensation/hallucination that an amputated or missing limb (even an organ, like the appendix) is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts.
The break in the EP comes in the form of (someone who I could not find) a person explaining what exactly a "phantom limb" is. The conceptual piece is greatly thought out and is laid over a dope instrumental piece by Kno that will make you want to listen to the definition over and over...which in retrospect is also quite genius.
"Daydreams" ft. JMSN
"Daydreams" is the second single that we've heard previously to the EP's release. The track features background vocals from JMSN and contains a dreamy, "outer space" state of illusion. With reality fading, the only thing to do is daydream to ignore the failed drowning attempts of sorrows. As time elapses, the daydreams turn on Sadistik, leaving the only peace he had left corrupted with night terrors. 
"Unaware" ft. Chino XL, Sheisty Krist, & Metasota
"Unaware" takes a hard turn with a feature packed extravaganza. Chino XL, Sheisty Krist, and Metastoa all team up with Sadistik to form the most unaware 5 person tag team in hip hop wrestling history. They all body the Kno beat except one...Chino XL absolutely, positively, wreaks incomparable havoc which left me in awe. If this was a competition, he takes the cake.
"In Heaven"
To get to the final track of the Phantom Limbs EP, Sadistik and Kno went through hell and shared the story. The final track depicts the death of a woman from the duo who feed on protection, royal power and good health. With the feeling that anything can be accomplished without consequence, the two end up "In Heaven" only realizing that they cannot stay. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, Phantom Limbs showcases extreme lyrical prowess from Sadistik paired with matchmaking beats from Kno. The overall feeling is concise and pinpointed to the exact detail; definitely feels like time was spent trying to create and match the perfect harmonies with feelings brought to life with clever wordplay. Project got lost for me a little with the "Unaware" track, and I don't know if it should be on the EP, even though it's a phenomenal stand alone piece. Is it worth spending a stupid low $5 for it? Abso-fucking-lutely...I'd pay three times that price for one of the best collection of tracks I've heard this year. Listen to Phantom Limbs in it's entirety below and go purchase it [here]!