Top Of The Month: Mixtapes Of July 2015

Top Mixtapes Of 2015

Move Carefully    
Swami Mags - Move Carefully 



Production:  Thovobeats, Jacob Lethal, XIV, Disclosure, Gold Holdn, Lirker, CM Beats, Canis Major, Monk Muvin, Melo Skuggs

Barcode 2    
Ty Farris - Barcode 2



Production:  Various

White Mic - Do It How You Wanna Do It


Features:  LuckyIam, Lesk One, Richie Cunning, Otayo Dub, Equipto, Michael Marshall, Eligh, Z-Man, Prince Po, Eddie K, Brother RJ

Production:  TC Bonelocs, Sinestro Enigma, Bruce Leighton, Tahaj The First, Architect, TD Loop, Unjust, Professor X

Mike $habb - TheUnknownKaraktah


Features:  Kap Dog, GTheVillain, Pierre Lamperouge

Production:  Nemz, Mike Shabb, c h o p m o n k, Sined, Adam Kay

ZEPS x Agonist - Soundwave Blasters


Features:  YESH, Phats, Benny Diction, Byez, Dismantle

Production:  Agonist

Floyd Simmons - Uncle Floyd


Features:  Eugene Martin

Production:  Phil Chronics, Koen Miller, Grizzly Beats, BobsliBeats, Eugenicorn, GooMar,XIV

Bryson McGee - S U B H E R B S


Features:  Crosby, Frost, Doms, gawdlee, fernvndo, nix

Production:  Yumah, noah rime$, N2Deepbeatz, EMP أجنبي, Future Beats, nooon, GRiMM Doza, kolor, Samurai Del, killer mantis, ATOMO

HUBBS - Modern Vintage III


Features:  Beedie, Kool Keith, B White, Shad Ali

Production:  Nysceworkk, P-Hot, MassAppeal Beats, M16, P Fish, Xavier, Sebastian Hochstein, Sebastian Hochstein, Drumatic of Drumz, LLingo, Billy Hoyle, Hubbs, Czientist

Funk Gero - Funk Gero Presents Funk Gero

Features:  Prince Royal

Production:  Hologram

Jamall Bufford + Kensaye - Freedom Is
Black Opera Music


Features:  CallMekyLA, Mgestik Legend, Obie Iyoha, Madame Pepper, Sabira Jade

Production:  Kensaye

Finale - Bits & Pieces: The House Shoes Mixtape
Mello Music

Features:  Hasaan Mackey, Elzhi, Homeboy Sandman, Bilal Salaam, Oddisee

Production:  Vaughn T, Oddisee, Slimkat, Nottz, Flying Lotus, Def Dee, Knxwledge, Black Milk, Astronote, House Shoes

Danny Delavie x ThiefOfBaghdad - Saved By The Bay


Features:  Shenna, DJ Ill C

Production:  ThiefOfBaghdad