Nolan The Ninja ft Phat Kat - deploi. (prod 5ynoT)

deploi. (feat. Phat Kat) (prod. by 5ynoT)

Having been making an impact since appearing on our radar back in 2013 even being hand picked as a Deans List Artist for that year, Detroit upstart Nolan the Ninja has been coasting on a slew of releases. Here he delivers the third offering from his forthcoming EP, 'f-ck the hype.' which is produced by 5ynoT and features fellow city legend Phat Kat AKA Ronnie Euro. Look for the EP to drop on November 10th.

"Nolan The Ninja breaks down the philosophy behind the project and his approach to his craft while Phat Kat adds another brilliant verse to his already bulletproof rap legacy over a frenetic beat all in under 3 minutes. The first shot injured the charging beast (“clockers.”). The second shot slowed the beast down (“gusto.”). The third shot is the kill shot in “deploi.”. All that’s left to do now is cop The 'f-ck the hype.' EP"