Adian Coker - Time Out Of Mind [EP]

The South London rapper has been trailblazing his own path since the release of his debut track ‘Cream’ in 2013 - attracting plaudits for his fierce delivery, intelligent wordplay and truly creative visuals from a full spectrum of hip hop’s tastemakers.

Coker now brings his eagerly-anticipated EP 'Time Out Of Mind' to the public spotlight - a fitting end to a year that's seen more of the UK rapper's standout videos and sharp, intelligent wordplay than ever before. It’s a timely and lasting dose of what’s becoming a noted flow and figure in the UK - as always over inescapably talented, self-produced beats.

Adding to the wave of young rap talent coming out of the British Isles right now, Coker keeps his rep up and consolidating his identity as one of the most competent and compelling young rappers in the UK.