Blue November - Before The Voyage [EP]

In celebration of his 21st birthday, Left Field Theory member Blue November releases a 15-track EP called Before The Voyage through BANY Records. A host of producers helped make this project possible including Blue November, siyasha, METVLMOUTH, and illfigure among others. Blue November's vocals were all recorded in one day, which helps explains how he has managed to drop five EPs in 2015 alone. In total he has released 44 songs this year. That being said, Before The Voyage is Blue November's way of letting us know that his rap career is just getting started. He considers everything up to and including this EP to be before the voyage. It is not until the last track, "So It Begins, I Could've Sworn I Packed More Shit (4AM)," that Blue November truly embarks on his journey. Get on board before you miss your chance to be a part of the endeavour that is Blue November.