It Seems Madchild & SnakThe Ripper Are Beefing

Recently Madchild did an interview dissing Snak The Ripper and his StompDowm crew and after minutes of its release it was taken down and followed by a statement by the Swollen Members general saying he has nothing but respect for Snak and his crew and that he and  his BaxWar are not beefing with StomDown. Now Snak got a hold of the interview and didn't take kindly to what Madchild had said so he retaliates with this C-Lance produced banger sharing his feelings as well as taking numerous shots at the veteran emcee.

After getting wind of the diss Madchild didn't hesitate to strike back with his own banger produced by SERO PRODUKTION. I'm not sure how deep this beef is or will go but it's always refreshing to see a lyrical battle between to dope artists. In the end I hope these two can work out their differences but for now lets enjoy some good ole fashion beef.