Limbic Void ft Iben Bjørg Anton - The Doghouse

The Doghouse (feat. Iben Bjørg Anton)

Hailing from Norway, Limbic Void's music thrives within a balanced union of tight electronic beats and the organic feel of human performance, laced with nocturnal synths, melancholic soundscapes and lyrical honesty. There’s a definite hint of M83 and Röyksopp, as well as a shot from the past with the tones and blends of Eurythmics and Depeche Mode. But Limbic Void remains all its own, having carved out a unique brand of electro-pop creating picturesque and dark electronic environments harking back to the retro new wave movement.

"The Doghouse" is the result of a collaboration between Norwegian producer and songwriter Gustav Espenes aka Limbic Void and Danish singer Iben Bjørg Anton. Best described as an internet-based project, the two involved parts have never met in real life but connected via SoundCloud and collaborated solely through e-mail. The track is the first single released from Limbic Voids upcoming EP ‘Lapdogs’ and takes the listener to a cold and dark electronic soundscape with Ibens voice as the cornerstone. Iben Bjørg Anton conveys a story about a problematic relationship, an uneven balance of power and a counterpart terrified of falling from grace.