Noname Gypsy ft. Saba - Open Apology (Prod Saba & Carter Lang)

Chicago native Noname Gypsy drops off her new single "Open Apology." Noname is best known for her raw, feeling filled features on fellow Chi City dweller Chance The Rapper's tracks "Lost" and "Isreal (Sparring)." This track then is to Noname Gypsy as "House Of Bricks" is to Despot in the sense that it is her proclamation to the world that she is ready to step out from the background and make a name for herself. Unlike "House Of Bricks," however, "Open Apology" is part of a larger body of work called telefone, Noname's debut project.

The production from Saba and Carter Lang stays true to the songs title taking on a loose, contemplative tone creating the perfect open atmosphere for Noname to deliver what is simultaneously an ode to Chicago and an apology to the world for pursuing a career in hip hop despite the sheer summit of such a dream. Saba gets on the mic as well to help out with the chorus and deliver a quick verse of his own, touching too on the impossibility of making it as a hip hopper. But, if anyone is going to make it, it will be these two as they "do it for the people and [their] momma and the city on [their] shoulder and the babies on the come up." Keep on the lookout for Noname Gypsy's forthcoming telefone.