The Age Of L.U.N.A - Boom (Video)

British hip hop group The Age of LUNA are one of many acts from the UK that have boasted mine, as well as many fans here in the US, appreciation and love for the golden era of Hip Hop they have recreated and spawned upon many. With a range of influences from artists such as A Tribe Called Quest to ODB as well as 80 wave bands like Tears for Fears, the teen group possess a surprisingly soulful sound, despite their collective age of 18, which helped create their acclaimed self titled mixtape "L.U.N.A." dropped earlier this year. Today the group presents us with their latest set of visuals for the hard hitting "Boom" which, directed by Ross Lasme and Thierry Volant, bares a fresh 90's look to go along with the vintage sound. the track itself is performed by members Butch and Kyote, who are also known by duo name Zangwu, and is a tribute to Ol' Dirty Bastard.