Crosby - The Crosby Show [Album]

Harnett County Legend The Crosfather drops his debut full-length album, The Crosby Show. The project includes features from Zuke Saga, Gawddlee, Frost, Bryson Mcgee, and cole corduroy as well as production from goldenbeets, Contour, GRiMM Doza, Don Papa, Crosby, Junyii, KEEM.THE.CIPHER, and Lentra.

While Contour and GRiMM Doza are personal favorites of mine Lentra The God is the clear standout when it comes to the project's production. The chemistry between he and Cros is undeniable. A full-length Crosby-Lentra collaborative project needs to be made. For more Crosby check out his LP Cool Ass Life or the N2DeepBeatz produced Nicotine EP.

"If you ain't with Crosby then you're missing out"

Top Tracks: "My God", "missin'", "Harnett County Legend Pt 3"