I've been meaning to post this track since it dropped almost a month ago, but I have been condemned to a class induced coma as of late (apologies to anyone reading this who is in a real coma). Then today, BIG BREAKFAST of the gritty, Brooklyn-based Smoker's Cough Records, threatened the twitter-sphere with the promise of a new track should "MIKEY LIKES IT" break 1,000 plays on Soundcloud by tomorrow. I had no choice but to drop everything and post it up.
As I write this, the track is only 75 plays away. Go smash the play button on this bumping, casually cutting track from BIG BREAKFAST so we can get the next single off of his upcoming self-produced sophomore project Ringtones dropping early April. To hold you over until then, check out BIG BREAKFAST's debut Luxury.

"To find me nine High Lifes deep is quite likely
It's Mikey the white Spike Lee in spizike Nikes"