idntrmmbr. - été [EP]

The eternally forgetful idntrmmbr. drops off his latest EP, été. The release was facilitated by Blvnt Records and, as a result, can be found and purchased (for free) on both their Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Despite releasing his sounds for free, idntrmmbr. puts out new content like it's his job. This is evidenced by the fact that his Soundcloud account is overflowing, forcing him to branch out to a second account. This, in conjunction with his tendency to have his work released via alternative sources such as Blvnt Records or Turbo Tapes, makes it hard to know exactly how much content he has. Finding an idntrmmbr. project is, therefore, all the more special, each one serves as an additional easter egg hidden in the garden that is Soundcloud. And they aren't even hard boiled, they're the real deal chocolate eggs.

Cryptic compliments aside, été is a project aimed at infusing the oncoming summer season with a twinge of winter weather. Created mostly during the holiday season, été wants nothing more than to be the soundtrack to your Christmas in July. The tranquilizing lo-fi production masterfully merges the physical heat of summer with the emotional warmth of winter.

When asked about upcoming projects, idntrmmbr. unsurprisingly drew a blank. He insisted that he had a collaboration of some significance whose release was fast approaching but, for the life of him, couldn't recall the project's release date, name, or collaborator. Who knows where this next release will call home. Keep vigilant, unfound eggs remain.