illfigure - 8YearsLeft [Beat Tape]

Self-proclaimed beatsmith and Left Field Theory essential illfigure drops off his latest beat tape, 8YearsLeft. The project is administered in two tracks, one half-hour mix and one two-and-a-half minute concluding track titled "i look up at the moon and don't feel so alone." A combination of vinyl samples and hand played beats, the project serves as illgifure's auditory autobiography. Rich with layers of simbiotic textures, each sound found within the deliberate, precise production acts as an additonal detail in the characterization of illfigure. This understanding of 8YearsLeft puts an ominously morbid spin on the autobiography's title.

The amount of recognition illfigure's projects have been getting have garnered him the attention of a legitimate following. That being said, he is far from sated. As foreshadowed in our Artist Spotlight on this boston hip hopper, he plans to remedy this by slowing things down a bit release wise. March alone saw him drop four separate beat tapes, a feat explained only by his hyper-concentrated work ethic. 8YearsLeft, for example, was created all in one night. Reiging in the releases will afford him time to work on more involved projects. He is already scheming on his next release, which promises to be bigger, better, and more collaborative. Ideally, he hopes to incorporate verses from some of his fellow Bostonians as well as, I assume, some of the folks from LFT. This project then, will be more along the lines of his 17-track Mindful But Inactive EP.

While you await the release of this tentativly fantastical project, keep your eyes open for the his production stylings on Blue November's forthcoming Fantastic Voyage as well as a collaborative EP with BANY's Cameron Butler