» » DLabrie ft Akil the MC & Shady Jones - ATTITUDE (Remix) [Official Video]

DLabrie came up during hip-hop’s golden age, witnessing the rise of West Coast hip-hop in the early 90’s. A firsthand witness to the Indy grind of his hometown, he began distributing his music in 2001, starting his own label RonDavoux Records, pushing over 80,000+ units, and having music appear on MTV, CNN, NBC, & BET, and being featured on a number of tours. As a community leader with Hip Hop Congress, DLabrie has traveled all over the world using hip hop as a vehicle to organize artists, activists, educators and youth alike.

With spring in the air, DLabrie releases his new video from the ongoing saga "Mr NETW3RK" series. This visual shows the sexually charged interaction between men and the women they adore, letting their appreciation for the ladies be known and vice versa. It's been this way since the beginning of time. Why ask why?

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