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Exquire, the provocative rapper from Brooklyn is building momentum in 2016 before his next full length album, Temporary Pain for Infinite Pleasures, due later this year. Known for a brutally honest and raw delivery of his experiences in love and lust, eXquire’s music has painted graphic imagery not for the faint-hearted on past albums such as Live Forever, Kismet, and Lost in Translation. With material that entertains as if he was a young Red Foxx or Richard Pryor, eXquire also blends Black history and social commentary that earned him praise from A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed-Muhammad when he was interviewed for NPR’s Microphone Check. “Your music is so complete,” said Muhammad. “On the MC tip … fierce as all the greats … Rakim, as great as KRS, as great as Chuck D,” added the hip-hop veteran.  

Continuing his string of new material, last week, eXquire was featured on YC the Cynic’s “Pretty Bodies.” The track comes at a pivotal moment in both of the Brooklyn MC’s careers as they have rebranded themselves. YC is now officially known as Kemba, meanwhile, eXquire is no longer billed as Mr. MFN. This past January, eXquire was credited as such on two tracks (“Warrior Thing” and “Same Damn Thang”) on the soundtrack to the New York City gang life documentary, Rubble Kings.

Exquire’s proclamation of his extraordinary talents, was the topic of a recent interview with Mass Appeal magazine in their recurring video series, Super. Ex, a well-read comic book fan and graphic novel enthusiast described his character King Cosmic—which is also one of his many aliases. In the video, he creates a storyline about an underdog-turned-hero who fights for the freedom of his fellow outer space inhabitants imprisoned for their status in a caste system. The episode is illustrated by HECTAH, who art directs video and print work for Mass Appeal, the New York-based art and street culture publication.

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