Hi-Rez - Never Say Die [Mixtape]

Back a couple of years ago, Hi-Rez use to be in my daily rotation. One day he just fell off for me, his sound just didn't cut it for me anymore and I pretty much put him out of my mind completely. As months past, Hi-Rez grew and attracted fans from all over with his new music and thirty second freestyles in cars and fast food establishments alike. Yeah, I listened, and it was alright, but kind of reminded me why I stopped listening. 
Never Say Die for me is the rebirth of Hi-Rez, the phoenix rising from the ashes if you will. The new tape from the Floridian, in my mind, takes it to another level musically for Hi-Rez and shows that he isn't dead and played, but still has plenty of talent to still stand out. With themes oozing everything 90's and features coming from everyone who's buzzing nowadays (Mod Sun, Chel, Atlas Bound, Sean Price, Smoke DZA, Futuristic, Chris Webby, Masta Ace, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Riff Raff) Hi-Rez's 15 track Never Say Die proves just that. This 90's baby aint dying until the fat bitch sings.