Mase Well - Country Club + Job Wife Kids (Official Video)

Nearing the top of my list for best people on the rise to watch is Mase Well. Everything I've heard from this cat is almost too smooth. Mase has been a busy bee the last week with the release of "Country Club" and the video to his ever popular "Job Wife Kids". "Country Club" is a dope little gem packed chock full with lyrics and jazz/samba related production that'll have leave you questioning yourself if you need to dance or listen to the lyrics. Fuck it, spin in till your head falls off and do both.

About a month and a half ago is Mase Well first broke OK-Tho's sound barrier with his insanely addicting "Jobe Wife Kids". A couple of days ago, Mase completed the story by adding fuel to the fire with some added visuals. Keeping it hella simple, the video showcases what the ill rhymer does on a day off without anyone holding him back.