» » Red Eye - Fatrick Ewing [Album]

“It’s not an album or mixtape… It’s more of a compilation of ill sh*t…”

For bully-rap king Red Eye, his massive and hilariously titled new project, "Fatrick Ewing", eschews traditional formats and goes right for the throat with track-upon-track of killer Boom bap. This is no-bullsh*t Hip-Hop from one of the biggest voices going in the genre right now, and he’s clearly not afraid to lay it all on the line.

While the 27-track release is technically a compilation, the wordplay maven made sure to craft a cohesive listen that’s also brimming with lyrical and musical variety. It may have a slew of guests ranging from Joell Ortiz to Mr. Cheeks to Shabaam Sahdeeq, but it’s driven by Red Eye alone. And it’s that quality that makes the huge tracklisting more welcoming than imposing.

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