Stereo Boyz - Taxi (prod Tishan Soul Daad)

The dope Detroit trio of Mixo, Huey Boombox and Mic Audio aka the Stereo Boyz, return in great fashion with this fresh single "Taxi" which is additionally b sided with "On My Way" featuring #StereoCrew as well as the bonus cut "All I Got" which features Detroit Mixo and Gianni and dedicated to Phife Dawg, Sean Price and family members.

"We didn't want to do the gofundme campaign because we speak better thru this music & like to work for ours. So we got with our Amsterdam family Soul Daad for the proper production to get these feeling out & hit the studio hard. So much amazing music came from those sessions. This is our effort to get it all to you. So on April 1st a "Taxi" will be on the way to pick you ...up & take you where you need to be.
All we asking is your same support....... Buy the Single on Tidal/iTunes/GooglePlay/Bamdcamp, Share the Single, Play it Daily on the available Platforms Tidal/Pandora/Spotify/iHeart/etc, Call & request it on your local & college Hip-Hop station. Every contribute no matter how big or small is much appreciated.

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