Tony Brooks - YNOT [EP]

Chicago-based emcee TONY BROOK$ makes his debut with the release of YNOT. The four track EP features guest verses from Roosevelt The Titan and Blak├Ždvis as well as production from Mees, Chillaska, and Nancy Amore. Throughout the project, the beats pair fast paced, trap-inspired drums with sweeping, atmospheric synths to create a comfortably aloof atmosphere. As far as the verses are concerned, Tony The Homie seems to be focused on conveying two main points to his listeners.

Firstly, BROOK$ wants to make it clear that he is just getting started with this whole Hip Hop thing. To that end, "DIRT" basks in the bounty of discouragement BROOK$ has received from others not to pursue music. In response, he acknowledges the challenge of the endeavor and resolves to grind all the harder for it. "WDGAF" further affirms this promise by highlighting the successes he has already enjoyed while simultaneously calling out the inauthentic rappers flooding the genre whose lifeless, disingenuous music he will never emulate.

Secondly, YNOT serves to establish BROOK$' devotion to enjoying his fair share of illicit substances. As suggested by their names, the project's final two tracks "SHROOM SLICE FREESTYLE" and "MOON ROCKS," handle the task of establishing BROOK$ as a veteran drug-doer. Whether it be a shroom-covered pizza, a pocket full of molly, or a slap of the Franzia bag, you can count on The Homie to have the escape you need. The only problem is, he probably doesn't have enough to share.

"Bending genre, pushing culture
That's what sets me apart
And you've been at it for a minute
I'm just getting my start"