Ursa Major - Lo Fi Sky [EP]

Back with us, mixing a unique variety of different sounds in his new EP, is Ursa Major. Included on the 5 track project is our previously written about "5am" as well as four other standout tracks to round out a mellow, chill, psychedelic R&B infused Lo Fi Sky
Lo-Fi Sky is a project that looks at the mundane and stagnant aspects of life and chooses to delve into the natural world, even though it is constantly in flux and unstable. The same way art interrupts life's dullness and routines, I recorded this project—guerilla style, wherever I could, and whenever I had a chance. The project slowly snuck its way out between the cracks of my daily life, and as I wrote and recorded, it served as my own little escape from the everyday. I hope you can find solace in it the same way as I did.