Basmala - Basmala [Album]

There’s nothing simplistic about the music of west coast visionary soul artist Basmala. He prefers to push boundaries, and bridge gaps between genres, and generations.

The style he created, and dubbed visionary soul, is a mixture of computer based production, and live percussion, that brings together elements of hip-hop and electronic music. Translating visual techniques to an audio world can be a challenge, but, Basmala has a process. “What visionary artists do with colors, we translate to sound, and this is done in various ways, but most important is the frequency your sound is on. How a visionary artist sees the field in spatial aspects can also be translated to sequencing a track, letting it breathe, and the placement of instruments in the sound field.”

All of this plays an important role in Basmala’s visionary soul, which will be on display on his upcoming self-titled album, via his own label, Preservation Electronic Recordings.