Bruce Bayne - HML (Prod Irineo) [Video]

Stank Face Records is home to a host of underappreciated Chicago hip hoppers. A year ago today one could attribute this to the fact that not all of its members have made a proper debut. But, what with the release of Rebel Legato's SHADES and Loud Mouth's Rough House EP that argument is becoming increasingly invalid. The only member yet to make their debut is Stank Face sleeper cell Bruce Bayne who plans to do so June 14th with the release of Civilian. With that momentous day a little over a month away, it seems only right we begin to get our readership ready for the release.

First things first, get familiar with what Bruce Bayne has been doing thus far. A task made simpler by the advent of the Bruce Bayne playlist on the Stank Face Soundcloud. It's got most every Bruce Bayne essential, save the masterful verse he recently blessed us with on Drew Mantia's "Rosetta Stone."

Now, as for Civilian, the most promising sign of life we have from the forthcoming debut comes in the form of a music video for the Irineo produced "HML." The Josh Stone directed visuals find Bruce Bayne sparking up and tuning out as he snaps and smashes flip phones. The verses employ a wealth of cellphone-centric world play to explore the toxic effects of the increasingly prevalent reliance on technology plaguing the modern world. "HML" is Bruce Bayne's way of warning us that we are well on our way to becoming more machine than man. Not content with such a fate? Then check out the video below and pledge your commitment to Ls Not Cells. 

"My verses gonna need new writtens
iPhone dead that's good riddance"