Cameron Butler - Fight The Funk and BANY Anniversary Show

BANY's Cameron Butler drops off the self-produced "Fight The Funk." The busy beat sounds something like an 8bit soundtrack to One Thousand and One Nights. I know books don't have soundtracks, but that's how it sounds so stop getting caught up in the details and move on. The track was clearly a hoot and a half to make which leaves listeners with no choice but to join in on the festivities. In that sense, fighting the funk would truly be a futile endeavor. "Fight The Funk" was dropped in an effort to build hype for the upcoming BANY Anniversary Party. If you are going to be in NYC on June 12th, you had best stop by the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe to show support. 

Senclaire linked up with BANY founder SMKY to get the some foundational information about BANY as well as a few details about the upcoming event. The date marks the one year anniversary of BANY and will feature performances from very nearly all of the BANY crew. Sadly, Lentra The Gawd will not be in attendance on account of his being on the other side of the world. None the less, it should be a full night with performances from Cameron Butler, Garrott Odom, Blue November, Henny L.O., Contour, Will + The Life, and Alfonso. Special guests MetvlmouthFly Anakin, Koncept Jackson, and Warhol The Ghost will be in attendance and ideally perform as well. There are also whispers of additional special guests such as illfigure. The only way to know for certain who all will be there is to show up. Things kick off at 8:30 so plan accordingly and bring your friends. If you're playing catch up with any of these artists, worry not SMKY has your back. He has made a playlist full of music from the featured artist which he plans to update every Sunday between now until the show.

"America loves us if we're rocking a jersey
While the regular fellas is told we're not worthy"