C.Shreve the Professor - Twenty Sixteens [Album]

Free The Optimus' Shreve drops his newest project since 2014’s "Summer Ransom".  The 18 track album finds him exploring new territory both sonically and lyrically. A boom bap fueled journey into the 2016 mind space of one of North Carolina's most distinct voices through the rough construct of twenty verses. Production by by P.A.T. Junior, L the Beat Chemist, Nakata Slice, ILe Flottante, Aso, ΔΣ, Kevo Beats, Handbook, PK Beatz, FutureBeats, and Nod the Producer. Featuring guest appearances from Mike L!VE, DJ Jet, Jrusalam, Chachillie, Tanya, and SK the Novelist.