DâM-FunK - Believer

Some years before the essential DâM-FunK tome 'Toeachizown' dropped, Dam introduced the concept of 'Modern Funk' to the growing masses trying to classify his prowess for wax and multilayered synth-style productions. The exclusive composition for his DJ-Kicks mix, "Believer," is a perfect embodiment of the concept: sheets of synth lines fall all around a locking drum program that starts off innocently enough but ends you in a half-hypnotic state. An extensive instrumental composition that on it's own could only be classified as signature Modern-Funk.

DâM-Funk's "DJ-Kicks" is released May 27th on CD, 2LP (red vinyl) and digital formats. An limited edition 10" vinyl featuring two tracks from the mix is available exclusively on the !K7 store and Bandcamp.