Death Over Simplicity - 25/8 (Video)

So it seems that Mastermind Alliance member Ghost isn't the only one that is working on solo work. Fellow squad spitter Death Over Simplicity looks to drop his forthcoming "Movement Mandatory" project very soon and to help promote it he delivers the visuals to the Ntourage produced banger "25/8".

"The lyrics include my commentary on how Hip-Hop has helped me in my life, and how many aspiring artists in recent years hope to achieve fame without focusing on becoming better at the craft of rapping. I also speak on the the life of my Uncle who has struggled for years with drugs and alcohol, as well as the effect this has had on me to strengthen my resolve when it comes to helping those around me with their personal problems. Lastly I ask aspiring Hip-Hop artists whether questioning the process of thought or how many people they can kill on record is more important to them."