DJ Quest - Queztocoatl [Album]

For DJ Quest's new twelve track experimental album Queztocoatl, released April 12th, the pioneering Bay Area turntable artist assumes the artist name of "Questosahn feat. DJ Quest" to distinguish from his turntablist productions that he's best known for. The follow up to his 2011 album "Cosmic Parasite," this new release is less of a DJ/turntablist project and more of a twisted Funk collection of songs by the artist.

Throughout Queztocoatl the artist showcases both his production and compositional skills. Synthesizers and old school drum machines are among the instruments he summons from his home studio collection of old analog gear to construct this new album. Scratch fans should take note that Quest still does include turntable manipulations on the new album, but he sparingly sprinkles them throughout Queztocoatl's dozen tracks.