Frøst ft BlaccOut Garrison & Døms øe - Vices (Prod 2late)

Frøst is quickly becoming a personal favorite. He has a golden voice, raw content in his lyrics, and a knack for finding banging producers to work with. Today, I present you with his latest single, "Vices." The wavy 2Late production bounds between sporadic flourishes on the low end and otherworldly synths. Lyrically, Frøst enlists the help of OK-Tho staple BlaccOut Garrison and the 40 gawd Døms øe to explore the question on everyone's mind: If the pleasures of this world are superficial, what meaning is life mounting toward? Frøst, disillusioned with the vices he used to idolize, has resigned to find meaning in interpersonal relationships and being successful in his own eyes. Garrison denounces chain-based respect and bandwagon women in favor of finding meaning in his verses. Døms øe rounds out the triple threat with a verse echoing many of the same concepts, succinctly summarizing them with the line, "I'll never be empty with the music within me." Be on the lookout for Frøst's debut Life I Live dropping July 4th.

"It's all about the money and the hoes but after that
where do we go where do we go?"