Ill Poetic - The Silhouette Project [EP]

In 2012, Ohio artist Ill Poetic released his last solo project “The Synesthesia Yellow” EP. Plans for a video to the EP’s single “Silhouette” were underway, complete with a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2013 for the song’s video. In the two years that would follow, Ill Po and his team turned the video into a short film and built an entirely new project around the original song, even rebuilding the song itself. Thus we have “The Silhouette Project”, an EP + short film combo that acts as a companion-piece to Synesthesia Yellow but exists in a universe of it’s own. These past two years also saw Ill Poetic make the move to San Diego, CA, co-running a record store, Beat Box Records, with Ohio-Transplant DJ Inform, a move that came to inspire the new project’s sound and subject matter..