Kevin Venom ft Khari, YEEN NEEN, & Atlas Selasi - down (Prod n2deep)

Kevin Venom recently made his debut with the jarringly dreary i eat stars now and shit. In an interview we did with Venom about the project, it was revealed that there were some whispers about a potential remix of one of the darker tracks, "karna_kevinsgotagun." Rapper, friend, and fellow depression sufferer Atlas Selasi wanted to hop on the beat because the morbid track spoke to him so potently. While revisiting the emotions behind that track was vetoed by Venom, it seems a compromise was reached as today, the star-eater returns with a remix of the n2deep produced "down (football)." 

The beat remains largely the same, save it being extended to make room for the host of homies Venom enlists to spit a verse. Order wise, things get started with Khari, who is followed by YEEN NEEN, then the remix's instigator Atlas Selasi, and finally Kevin Venom. All involved maintain the morose, melancholy mood established by Venom in the original as they riff around different conceptions of down. 

"Kill myself in public then come back and kill the witnesses"