The Palmer Squares - Never Had Nothin (Prod D.R.O.) [Video]

The Palmer Squares unleash "Never Had Nothin'," the second single off of their forthcoming sophomore album Planet of The Shapes. Preceded by the sinister "Holler,both singles have been dropped in proper PSqaures fashion: accompanied by visuals. While the video for "Holler" follows Term and Acumental as they struggle to link up before a show,  this Flow Motion Media directed video finds its protagonist in someone outside of the duo. Justin, a new-comer to adulthood, is in desperate need of a job so he can support himself and his lady friend. Stuck in a bill-induced stupor, that lady friend of his soon moves on to what she considers to be greener pastures. Shortly thereafter, Justin gets a gig driving for Guber, an infringement free form of Uber. Ironically, despite efforts to avoid violating any copyrights, YouTube claims The Squares stole from themselves and, as a result, they are not going to make any money off this video. 

Back in Justin's world, he begins whipping the Guber around town picking up a slew of folk too hip to take a taxi. Before long, Term, playing the role of Renegade 1, spots Justin filling up his Mazda at a gas station and decides to take it for a joy ride. Once he has made his escape, he pulls up to Renegade 2 played by fan favorite Acumental. As this car is his lively hood, Justin chases after it, eventually finding it a tad defaced but largely intact. After driving around a bit more, making a point to pass his ex and gesticulate a long overdue "Fuck you," Justin grows disillusioned with the never ending rat race and ditches the car, content to have the nothing he's always had. 

Sonically, this track is a bit outside the traditional PSquare canon. Produced by long-time collaborator D.R.O., the beat gets its melody from a guitar riff rather than a synth. That being said, it is a welcome deviation, especially since it is still backed by hard-hitting drums. The chorus features the vocal stylings of Term, something fans had been asking to hear more of. The Squares are nice like that, they make an effort to appeal to both those who liked past releases and those who were looking for something a little different. Lyrically, Term and Acumental take this track as an opportunity to outline their history as have-nots. Having done so, they assure listeners that such an existence is perfectly pleasant. While The Palmer Squares may be evolving as artists and exploring new sounds, "Never Had Nothin'" is here to assure fans that their rapping for rap's sake mentality will never be overshadowed by material pursuits. 

Planet of The Shapes drops via Stank Face Records on the 25th of this month. It and accompanying merchandise are currently available for pre-order here