Ugly Heroes - Unforgiven

"Few things are more ugly or heroic than telling the truth."

The Ugly Heroes are back and uglier than ever. In 2013, the trio, composed of producer Apollo Brown and emcees Red Pill and Verbal Kent, made their debut with the self-titled LP Ugly Heroes. The 17-track project was a strong first showing, centered around the concept of an ugly hero which they define as "the everyday blue collar individual that makes the world go 'round." In 2014, they solidified their role as champion of the underdogs with the Ugly Heroes EP. Their next project, Everything In Between, can be pre-ordered now and is set to drop June 24th via Mello Music Group. Already, we have gotten two singles: the viciously defeatist "This World" and the uplifting "Heart Attack." 

Today, we are blessed with the third single off the project, "Unforgiven," accompanied by Orange Cap-directed visuals. As the title suggests, the track finds Red Pill and Verbal Kent grappling with the often insurmountable task of forgiving. Red Pill begins by introducing listeners to the pain gifted to him by the unexplained absence of an estranged family member. Unfortunately, he concludes by damning this missing member to a death marred by the grudge he is unable to let go of. 

Chicago's Verbal Kent takes on three separate offenders: the man who tried to kill him, the ex who held him captive with the threat of suicide, and the childhood friend turned crack addict who robbed him. He connects these three narratives together with the realization that all these actions were instigated by internal struggles. Those who crossed him did so not out of hate toward Kent, but out of a need to blame someone outside themselves. With this understanding in mind, he is able to achieve the near impossible: forgive and forget.