BCxLD - My, How Time Flies II [Album]

Portland, OR emcee Lucas Dix and producer Brass Clouds present the second of their four part project, "My, How Time Flies" which is being released throughout 2016. It focuses on the idea that all of our past and present moments contribute to who we are and who we become. Influenced by hip-hop, electronic, folk, and R&B music, some of the songs on part II dip into the nostalgia of locking one's self in a room to quietly create, playing basketball all day long, or destroying expensive baseball cards by pinning them to bike spokes. Other songs deal with more present scenarios such as figuring out how to make money but not let the money-making process consume you, finding a house to call a home, and pulling over on the side of the highway to share a moment and some cheap wine.

The album features some of my most talented friends such as Great the Man, Dig Mode, Elton Cray (Proper Knocks), McJameson (IAME and Gold of Sandpeople), and David Lincoln Mann (Cooked & the Raw, Eddie Valiant).