Blu & Nottz Announce ‘Titans in the Flesh’ EP & 1st Single “Atlantis”

Nearly three years after releasing their collaborative Gods in the Spirit EP, the Ca-Va duo of Blu & Nottz are back with their sophomore effort, Titans in the Flesh. On the project’s debut leak, “Atlantis,” they’ve crafted a track overflowing with lyrical gems and neck-snapping production.

Whether he’s talking his sh*t or waxing poetic, Blu’s knack for matching his producer’s approach is nothing short of impressive. Nottz’ instrumental on “Atlantis” is equally nostalgic and innovative, as he flips a Doo-wop sample amidst his crunchy, trademark drums. With that as his canvas, Blu delivers spirituality-fueled bars that are just as insightful as they are technically impressive.

At one turn, he’s reminding listeners that we need to “be grateful for eggs and mother’s milk,” while later on he dazzles with the crazy wordplay of “The Django with the star-spangled/ My chain dangles.” As you’ll no doubt gather through repeated listens, Blu’s point is as crisp as Nottz’ production: you need to find your own utopia (or “Atlantis”) here on Earth.

Titans in the Flesh drops July 15 through iTunes and all major digital retailers, via Coalmine Records. Easter-yellow vinyl copies will also be available in limited supply through Fat Beats, and will be equipped with the instrumental and acapella passes of “The Man,” and the instrumental for “Heaven on Earth.”