Bruce Bayne - Heartbreak Hotel (Prod D.R.O.) [Music Video]

Chicago's Bruce Bayne promptly follows up the release of his debut project C i V i l i A N with visuals for "Heartbreak Hotel." Even before the tape dropped, we had gotten visuals for "HML" and "Death to the Hypebeast." Now, with the release of these Paul Elliot-directed visuals, the video to track ratio for C i V i l i A N is at 3 to 10 (not counting "Intro"). In our interview with Bayne, he said he wanted to try and make as many music videos as possible to accompany the tape so it's safe to assume that that ratio will continue to grow.

The colossal production from D.R.O. carries a sinister energy that foreshadows the backstabbing to come. After a night of exchanging joints, bogies, and longing glances, Bayne beds an anonymous woman. When morning comes, however, he is sad to see she has up and left, taking with her the tiny chain from which his crew, Tiny Chaing Gang, gets their name. Clips of Bayne wooing the woman are intermingled with shots of him spitting his verses and hitting the folks like a fifth of Hen. The desperate chorus finds Bayne lamenting his lost love, brokenhearted by the betrayal that will surely send him into a phase of skepticism towards all future female friends. Press play and learn from Bayne's pain so you don't end up putting trust where it doesn't belong.

"I'm crazy like that
I hit it while she on it
I'm brazy like that"