Cameron butler - MMCB (Prod suprchnk) [Mixtape]

The dejected, cyclical rhyme delivering Cameron Butler is back and this time takes more forms than one. Mighty Morphin' Cameron Butler is an eleven track mixtape entirely produced by Soundcloud's most qualified chunk, suprchnk. Butler boasts big on the first track, claiming the two are the best duo since Madvillainy. Perhaps, but I don't think comparisons do anyone any good. Madvillainy is Madvillainy and supron chnkler is supron chnkler.

It cannot be denied, however, that Butler delivers dizzying, self-consuming lines that sound something like auditory pointillism. Each syllable seeping out of his maw acts as a piece of an over-arching whole that can only be seen when viewed from the proper distance. The production from suprchnk is anxious yet lackadaisical and achieves such an effect through simplistic, stripped down soundscapes that say more, by doing less, than most producers in the game today.

Mighty Morphin' Cameron Butler is available to stream on both Soundcloud and Bandcamp, on the latter of which it is also available to purchase in cassette form. What you get for the ten dollar investment is a glorious orange tape with the mix on one side and the instrumentals on the other. Which means you can play the A-side while you spark up and, just as you are looking for beats to freestyle over, play the B-side and spit your bars. Too bad anything you spit over them will come weak when compared to the fetishized flow of the Mighty Morphin' Cameron Butler.

"A walking metaphor, talking better for the pastors
off the letters, scoring up the checks, they're soaring faster"