Kevin Venom - max2 (Prod altitude)

Kevin Venom links up with altitude to drop off his latest single "max2." While the sample-based lo-fi production is top notch, it is still sample-based lo-fi production and, as a result, is nothing too extraordinary. Seems like these days half of Soundcloud is sample-based lo-fi. Come on altitude, you go to Berklee, I expect nothing but the best. That being said, Venom's raw, emotionally honest lyrics push this track beyond the ordinary and into the exceptional.

For those of you who are familiar with his work already, this aspect of Venom's lyricism will come as no surprise. His debut project i eat stars now and shit was overflowing with potent autobiographical lines capable of inducing empathy in even the most stoic of listeners. Even before his debut, he was dropping such songs as evidenced by this song's precursor "max."

Like "max," "max2" finds Venom grappling with the internal turmoil spawned by the lack of his father's approval. He begins with an attempt to convince listeners, and perhaps himself, that he is not his father "I am not Max 2" (Max being his father's Americanized name). Soon after, we are hit with a line succinctly detailing addiction's role in dissuading Venom from pursuing a professional career: "I was ballin professional lost it all to addictions." Venom's addiction is less to drugs and more to his music but admits the line also alludes to more illicit substances.

In response, his father sticks to "sittin silent with [his] house shoes on sippin Sauvignon." Soon enough, the silence is broken when Venom emerges from his room with a new song to find his father who promptly deems his craft a nuisance and urges him to work on getting a job instead. This is where things get interesting as Venom deals with the disapproval by "slippin [his] house shoes on, Sauvignon and blunt." Venom seems to be drowning his problems out the same way his father had, a realization that he despises. Even so, he ends the song with the line "and if I'm goin out now I hope my daddy's proud" affirming that, while he has never had it, all he really wants is his father's approval. As of now, Kevin Venom is not sure whether or not he will have children of his own but, if he does decide to, I suspect his approval will not be so unobtainable.