Kevin Venom - NO EXIT (Prod LORDFUBU)

Kevin Venom links up with Raised By Film producer LORDFUBU to drop off his latest single "NO EXIT." The production features spacey, sweeping synths which are masterfully accented by a yapping type deal. I don't know what it is but I love it. Lyrically, Kevenom picks up where he left off, detailing his hopeless wallowing in a depression riddled life. That being said, he drops some bars in his exploration of the topic. Take for example the line "I ain't dancing with depression / I'm just stepping she leading." Any personification of depression is gold in my book.

The forceful opening line goes, "Ay, I don't talk about it / Got a lot of problems I'd be lost without 'em." It's a line that makes me wonder though because, as showcased on his debut i eat stars now and shit, Kev does talk about his problems. More often than not, his problems are rather explicitly voiced in his verses. The level of honest introspection he offers is arguably his most appealing trait. That being said, I think that perception of Kevin that I, and likely you, hold is skewed by the fact that the only Kevin we know is the rapper. I suspect Vivek Menon is the one who doesn't talk about it. Which makes "NO EXIT" an interesting insight into the individual behind Kevin Venom.

Press play and take a ride through a galaxy one might hope to find far far away but is likely much closer to home than you're willing to admit.

"All I see is ends no exit"