Khari, Cameron Butler, Warholtheghost - Hostile Territory 2

Khari, Cameron Butler, and Warholtheghost - a mixture of BANY and Raised By Film members - link up to drop off "Hostile Territory 2." The track is the follow-up to the suprchnk produced "Hostile Territory." This time, Cameron Butler handles the production which starts off with the most synthetic of synths before letting a verbed out hype man comes in to warm our ears up. Then, a fuzzy bass begins bumping, quickly followed by the addition of some muted drums. Verse-wise, Khari (contour's rap persona) kicks thing off with a matter of fact sixteen. Butler's up next and, with an exasperated flow, delivers some assonance heavy rhymes so smooth they may elude the passive listener. The gravel-voiced ghost rounds out the trio with an admission laden verse about his transition from trapping to rapping. Catch these cats and a host and a half more at the BANY Anniversary Show this Sunday.

"Aint no deterring my sermons you losing hope
my verses dirty I swear I could use some soap"