Producer's Corner: The Kount x James Gent - The Sum

Canada's Kount and London's James Gent link up to drop off "The Sum" via BLVNT Records. While it is an instrumental track, it's just dripping with soul and speaks to me more than most lyrical laden songs do these days. It begins with some flighty plucks of the guitar accompanied by exploratory strokes of the ivories before erupting into a smorgasbord of only the grooviest synths backed by dense, clean drums falling in a classic hip hop pattern. The ghostly vocals elevate the tracks potential to evoke longing, but it feels like a more self-assured longing than a desperate one. It seems to be acknowledging a sense of seclusion while also inspiring hope for salvation from that seclusion. You can stream the track below or, if you feel so inspired, you can name your own price and get the download over at Bandcamp.