RedBaren907 & Deep - Tuskegee Thoughts [Mixtape]

Two Lower East Side creative natives collaborate on Tuskegee Thoughts. HiPNOTT Records Producer, Deep of the 2 Hungry Bros, recently released the beat tapes What You Leave Behind and Bushwick Beatfeed. Enter the soulful mind of RedBaren907 with multi-syllabic double entendres packed with an animated style of lyricism and you have Tuskegee Thoughts.

Jammed with vivid retrospective, demanding cadence, and innovative punchlines from the jubilant mind of RedBaren907 over the hard hitting boom bap percussion, exotic loops, and clever chops of Deep, Tuskegee Thoughts is the 6 foot 7 giant's sophomore endeavor that seeks to preserve the Hip Hop feeling many claim to be missing.