Rodders - 9 Stories [Mixtape]

Rodders drops off his nine-track sophomore mixtape titled 9 Stories. Both the production and the verses were materialized in a Northern Illinois University dorm room by members of the Δ9 collective (they live on the ninth floor of their residence hall). As a result, I suspect it will resonate most potently with college students; college made, college perpetuated. In theory, this is Rodder's second project as he released its precursor Follow The Plan back in 2015 but that mixtape seems more like a practice tape than a debut. It is interesting though to see the development in production quality between the two.

The beats for "9 Stories" are handled by two members of the Δ9 team, Merlin and Law Banger, both of whom are engineering majors. They are managed by yet another NIU student named Josh Jones. It's a real deal college production. Reminds me of the 2273 crew that Felly formed his freshman year.

It seems like the Δ9 crew made a conscious effort to produce a well-rounded project. There are laid back tracks like "Welcome to 9," hype tracks like "Ok," a nostalgic ode to motherhood called "Thank You," and "The Misson," a song outlining the expected dominance of Δ9. They covered all the hip hop bases. Nine floors to the dorm, nine tracks on the project, nine narratives. Press play and dive into this wholly home-brewed mixtape.

"My major was like comp sci
but this music shit is a good vibe
C++ you later man"