Speaker Minds (Portland, OR)

Genre: Hip Hop / Funk Groove/Rock/Soul / Spoken Word

Speaker Minds' high energy and charismatic performance make for a memorable time for both themselves and spectators. With an intelligible emcee who enthusiastically expresses his love for hip-hop and community, an unapologetic and seasoned soul singer, and a band that has blended their diverse backgrounds to form a unique sound, there is never a dull moment!

Even while laying low for the previous year to transition new musicians into the group, Speaker Minds is creeping on a come up! This diverse band has been consistently blazing microphones and stages throughout the Northwest for half a decade, solidifying themselves as a highly sought after, crowd rockin hip-hop band. Their lively and light-hearted performance has built a reputation for having even the sleepiest of crowds on their feet not long after their set has begun. Their collective dynamics and band member individuality presents a performance that is both a feel good time and inspirational.


Speaker Minds has appeared on a myriad of stages and at numerous events; The Festival of Positivity, Alberta Street Fair, Wild Goose West(Corvallis), Umoja Festival (Seattle), EcoPalooza, Fire in the Canyon, Seattle Hempfest, and PO-HOP 12, Speaker Minds has showed up and showed out! While the band could be considered still in their career infancy, theyve already toured through several states including Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Utah. Theyve had the privilege of playing shows with Hip Hop legends that include KRS-One, The Pharcyde, Del the Funky Homosapien, Gift of Gab, Dead Prez, Murs, Freeway and Jake One, The Coup, Black Milk, Masta Ace, and Wordsworth. In Portland, a city known for its indisputably talented local music scene with mega stars, Speaker Minds has graced the stage with solidified local music royalty including Cool Nutz, The Chicharones, Farnell Newton, Doo Doo Funk All-Stars, Hanif, and many more.

Speaker Minds has recently released their brand new album Titled Gumbo Grooves, which features keys by the world famous Tony Ozier and is released through Farnell Newton and Tony Oziers label, FNBeatsGalore Records in conjunction with Ropeadope Records.


Portland native Randal Wyatt (lead vocals) established himself as a socially aware and charitable emcee before creating Speaker Minds. He has opened for rap legends such as Slick Rick, Goodie Mob, LMNO and Kev Brown, and The Beatnuts. When he wasnt touring the West coast and Midwest, he was helping pioneer many notable Hip Hop oriented charity events in his city, as well as mentoring and providing opportunity for aspiring youth.

Adrian Adel (lead vocals) is a powerhouse singer bringing more than 20 years experience of soul stirring skills, singing with legendary local bands including Hungry Mob with Mic Crenshaw and Fatman with JR Pella. She is a true soul singing sister that will ignite a fire in your soul.

DLUX the Light / Desmond Spann (Keyboard/Vocals) is a highly trained Pianist who is also an established emcee, spoken word artist and high school teacher who is also one of the active members of Portlands Youth Summit.

Jon McGuire (Bass) hails from Salt Lake City and describes himself as young, hungry and filled with love of the funk.

Rob Jamieson (drums) is a highly experienced drummer from Baltimore, and has shared his gift in many bands leading up to Speaker Minds. When he isnt providing percussion for audiences, he is helping shape the minds of youth through teaching and coaching.

By way of Boston, Josh "Shredder" Johnson (guitar) is also an established songwriter and musician who has played in some of Portlands most iconic bands, including All The Dead Horses, Paper Cameras and Hungry Mob, Dissident 27 and Adair Village Crew and legendary Tommy TuTone.

Juan McGruder, (back up vocals) is a Music graduate of Arts Magnet High School and a former DJ on Oregon's largest jazz radio station (KMHD).