A-F-R-O x Marco Polo - A-F-R-O POLO [EP]

A-F-R-O links up with masterful beatsmith Marco Polo for a six-track collaborative EP titled A-F-R-O POLO. For those who don't know the name, A-F-R-O stands for All Flows Reach Out and is the chosen moniker of an 18-year-old who hip hops with well beyond his limited years. After winning a contest put on by Ra The Rugged Man, and accordingly being put on by the veteran, he has made a name for himself most notably for his capacity to deliver off the dome freestyles more complex than most rappers writtens.

A-F-R-O POLO, with its boom bap, scratch-riddled beats and dense lyricism, is unapologetically old school in all respects. That being said, it avoids the pitfall most throwback projects fall victim too in that it doesn't sound outdated. Stream the project below and head over here to download it and two exclusive bonus tracks.